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Hello from the RCCF Nursery! 


March 9, 2023 Update:

Happy Spring 2023 from the Ramsey County Correctional Facility (RCCF) Nursery!  Our hope is the snow and the cold will be all over soon and we can look forward to the spring flower sale!  I want to thank all of our customers who helped make 2022 our most successful season ever.  We experienced a nice “covid’s mostly over” bounce back season after we needed to limit things just a bit in 2020 and 2021.  I also want to thank all the wonderful volunteers who continue to make my life easier and provide seamless, cheerful help to all who visit us.  The sale would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteer hours that are donated every year.

Here are the tentative dates and times:





If there is additional plant material left to be sold, we will update Facebook and the website as needed.

From a growing standpoint this year, there will be some subtle changes.  The supply chain issues have mostly been resolved, so we got all the pots and baskets we needed this season.  From a budget standpoint, we have downsized the number of “bigger units” we are doing this year as they are the most expensive to produce on our end.  We will be doing fewer 21” pots and fewer 16” hanging baskets.  However, in place of them we will be doing more 16” pots and 14” and 12” baskets.  Prices will remain the same on everything except for the 12” basket which will increase by $3.00.  Our pricing structure remains in line with the major re-wholesalers in the metro area.  Our standard items will be $22.00, and the most expensive item will remain $50.  Small packs and pots will remain $1, $3, $4 depending on size.  Price lists will be provided at the door.  Those who have shopped here before have a pretty good idea on how we do things by now and it will be the same.

One thing I need to point out is, we plant 100’s of geranium planters and due to a nationwide seed shortage this year, we were unable to get Dracaena Spikes.  None of my vendors were able to provide them, therefore we are using other various tall accents in these planters that will serve a similar role.

We will have several new combinations of plants and many new single species in baskets and pots.  We are again partnering with RS EDEN ( and are busily planting away as I type this up.  We look forward to serving you in just 7 short weeks.  Hopefully the snow will be gone by then (I’m not holding my breath though)!


Your support is greatly appreciated by many people throughout Ramsey County! 


Lt. K. Sean Uslabar

RCCF Nursey Manager


P.S.  KMSP TV ran a story on our plant sale, check it out HERE!


Check it out:  Some of our VIC plants have been spotted around St. Paul!!!


297 Century Ave. S,

Maplewood MN 55119

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