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Hello from the RCCF Nursery! 


Note:  The VIC facebook page is broken - we have been unable to update it.  Please refer to this website for the latest plant sale information!


June 1, 2023 Update:

Hello all!  Our final sales day will be Friday June 2nd from 8:00am – 3:00pm 

We have reached the point of our sale where we have discounted our prices 50 % in order to finish up our season in a timely manner.    We don’t want our volunteers working too far into June!   I want to thank all of you, the customers, for helping to make this our most successful season to date.   I hope everyone is enjoying their purchases so far and you come and stock up on additional pots and baskets now that we are reducing prices.   We have lots of things left!   We are mostly sold out on the smaller items, annual packs, veggies, and herbs, but we have many 100's of baskets and pots yet to choose from.  Lots of them were smallish for the first weeks for the sale but are starting to round into shape now that the days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising.   It is as good a time as ever to fill your yard with color for the summer!

All prices will be 50% off the regular price.   The price will be reflected at the registers.

  • 16" deck pots are now $20

  • 13" deck pots are now $15

  • 11" deck pots are now $11

  • 14" hanging baskets are now $20

  • 12" hanging baskets are now $15

  • 10" hanging baskets are now $11

  • $4 packs will be $2

  • $9 packs will be $5

  • $1 items will remain $1 (we do not deal in coin change)

Thank you!

Lt. K. Sean Uslabar

RCCF Nursery Manager/Coordinator




P.S.  KMSP TV ran a story on our 2022 plant sale, check it out HERE!

Check it out:  Some of our VIC plants have been spotted around St. Paul!!!


297 Century Ave. S,

Maplewood MN 55119

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