Hello from the RCCF Nursery! 


May 16, 2022 Update:


Thank you for making the 2022 RCCF spring plant sale a success up to this point.  Despite some weather issues and other obstacles we are having a very nice season thanks to you, our loyal and sometimes brand new customers!   I am announcing that ALL plant material remaining will be reduced 25-33% for that duration of the sale.  We will reopen on Wednesday the 18th at 8:00 a.m. and follow our regular schedule until we are sold out or it does not make any sense to be open any longer.   We have no idea when that date may be, it is all dependent on how quickly the plants go.   We have LOTS of plants left…hundreds of baskets and pots of all species and sizes yet.   We have only sold out of a few things so far.  You will notice that what is left may be a bit smaller or not as colorful yet.  It has everything to do with the spring growing season.  But everything will grow wonderfully and perform just fine at your homes.

We only have a handful of price points,  and we don’t like to do “change” so the sale price will be rounded DOWN to the nearest dollar, some items more than others.  For example, the $40  - 14” hanging baskets will now be $30, the $50 16” baskets will go to $37, etc.   All sales prices will be reflected at the cash registers, we will not re-label individual plants.  The only things we will NOT discount are the $1 and $2 vegetable and herbs.


Here are the hours we will be open, until sold out:

Wednesday 5/18  8-4

Thursday 5/19  8-4

Friday   5/20  8-6

Saturday 5/21 8-3   (if needed)

Sunday 5/22  9-3     (if needed)

Wednesday 5/25  8-4  (if needed)

Thursday 5/26   8-4  (if needed)


We will keep you posted on these websites as to changing dates or times.


Thank you!


Nursery Manager/Coordinator

Lt. K. Sean Uslabar

RCCF Nursery


P.S.  KMSP TV ran a story on our plant sale, check it out HERE!


​​P.P.S. With this growth and expansion of our services, we are also pleased to announce a new cooperative partnership. Due to COVID affecting us all, the ability to have RCCF inmates working within the Nursery had to be stopped. The energy and assistance these guys brought to the program was so missed by customers and our staff! With COVID still being a challenge, this season we will begin work with RS EDEN.  A leading local non-profit, RS EDEN provides assistance with re-entry services and post incarceration opportunities for both male and female clients.  Individuals who have been assigned community service and “sentenced to serve” hours from the courts, will have the opportunity to fulfill those hours at the RCCF Nursery.  It is exciting for us to have the help and be assisting in the development of work habits and routines again.  RS EDEN is honored to have the opportunity to offer their clients a new and different productive day option.


Please visit their website HERE to see what they are all about!







Check it out:  Some of our VIC plants have been spotted around St. Paul!!!


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